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Core Media Partners
is focused on community development

When originally formed, the leadership of Core Media was intent on providing cost effective solutions for organizations who exist to better the community we live in.

Beyond our non-profit clients, Core Media supports groups as varied as volunteer fire companies, to foundations focused strictly on enriching the lives of our youth. Members of our team are excited to participate in local community events!

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Core's Leadership Team

Wilson M. Brown, IV
John R. Fleming, III
Jonathon Fitzgerald
Founder/Partner/Web Designer
Project Manager
Lead Web Design Associate
Timothy Ehling
Justin Lehman
Technical Support Associate
Development Associate

The Core Media Partners team includes representatives that have performed with many various Fortune 1000 and global organizations including Answerthink, Inc., Comcast Cable Communications, and 3H Technology.

Core Media supports additional quality IT firms:

Menexis - web design & Internet services
South Florida Computer Geeks - Florida IT Consulting

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