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By creating alliances with other Philadelphia-based technology providers, Core Media is able to offer competitive rates on a wide range of design and development services. More importantly, we guide you through each step of the process by creating the most effective package of solutions for your organization's specific needs.

We are extremely apt to designing aesthetically pleasing and intelligently organized web sites. Our web designers are skilled in HTML, Flash, Javascript, DHTML, and CSS. These designers are not only familiar with the latest technology used today, they are constantly learning new technology as it is developed.

Core Media is able to register your domain and provide web server space to get your site up and running on the world wide web. This means that you will not have to contract multiple companies to do related jobs. As a result, there will be less hassle implementing your site and the total cost will be significantly less.

Core Media also works closely with an excellent web-savvy marketing team to ensure that you have an opportunity to learn how to drive traffic to your site. After your site is up and running, Core Media is available to manage your web site and update your pages as needed.

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